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A message of support from Helen Trustum:

It saddens me to give you this message.
The Bentley Hall Committee appreciate all the community support they have been given and with health and safety paramount, it has become obvious that running the Bentley Art Prize is not possible this year.  We are complying with Government Directives. I have been talking with our  Mayor Mr Robert Mustow and the whole event is out of our hands.

We will be back in 2021 so please all stay safe.

Helen Trustum
Co-ordinator Bentley Art Prize.



Welcome to the Bentley Art Prize website, an initiative by the Bentley Hall Committee and the Bentley Community. The Bentley Art Prize has been held annually at the Bentley Public Hall since 1985. “The Bentley” is a vehicle for emerging artists to showcase their talent to the wider community and sponsored by many organisations including the major sponsors Richmond Valley Council, Casino RSM Club and Richmond Dairies. All proceeds raised from the event go toward the upkeep of the Bentley Public Hall, a focal point for the Bentley Community.


Had a great experience with the Bentley Art Prize, looking forward to next year!

Jessica Pan


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John Wayne

Marketing Manager

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Billy Moore


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Ronald Sanders


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